Avenue de Tervueren 56

1040 Brussels

Tel: 02 734 01 43



Since 1987 we are a most preferred dental office for Embassies, European Parliament, European Commission, Representatives for the European Union and Multinationals with their supporting offices.


Our vision is: the Client “First”                                                                                                                                                  

Our mission is: Passion!

Passion to take care of your and your kids dental needs

Passion in our work to make your smile as beautiful as possible

Passion for pain-free treatments

Passion to use the best materials

Passion to continuously sharpen our skills

Passion to know the newest techniques

Passion to make you and the kids feel at home

We look forward to see you in our dental office and hope you will experience our “Passion!” already at your first visit!

For your convenience we speak English, Dutch, French and German.


Yours faithfully,

Ann Ritmeester

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We make you smile!

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